e**a in a*a**a

We got a fantastic email from a fantastic young woman from up way north. And because our email form is anonymous, we couldn’t tell her what a fantastic note she sent us. So to thank you e**a, and with the hope you’ll see this, here’s a recording of some Intuit women throat-singing!


So, apologies for not posting in like four months. We’ve been hard at work on Sound Bender 2, and now it’s finally done (and 3 times better than book 1.) It is going to come out hopefully within the year, but in the meantime, I pledge non-stop updates of non-stop intrigue and mystery.

Thank you all so much for your emails — they’ve been amazing.
We have our website gnomes with irregular facial hair working on it now, but our “contact” page is a little unclear. Because we’re not trying to collect your emails, our email form is anonymous, so if you didn’t include your email address in your letter to us, it’s impossible for us to reply. So to everyone who just wanted to say they loved the book, THANK YOU!

And to answer some of your questions:

1. The second book isn’t available in stores yet. We’ve written it, and now it’s at Scholastic, our publisher in New York City, where a team of really smart people are turning it into an actual book. We’re not certain when it’s coming out — at the latest it will be early 2013.

Here’s a bit about it:
Book 2, which is tentatively tilted, Sound Bender: The Immortal Underground, picks up right where the first book left off. It is a month later, with Leo and Hollis back in Brooklyn with Uncle Crane. Leo and Crane are in a cold war, a deep freeze, with Crane looking for any excuse to split them up, and send Leo to some tough love school for troubled youths. And by a horrible twist of fate, Crane has just found the only excuse he needs…

Action, mystery, and heart-thumping suspense follow, as Leo must team up with Crane, as they head deep into the jungles of Borneo, where they hope to find the dark half of a legendary conjoined twin mask.

2. Like this page, the contest page is not dead, but was just in suspended animation. We’re going to leave the current “alien voice” contest open until April 1st — just to give more readers time to find the book — but we’re going to start posting some of your sounds this week. Thanks so much for your submissions. Every one has been unique and strange and a little crazy!

BUT, we’re posting two more contests this week, with new and unusual prizes. So check the contests page by Friday of this week for details.

3. We don’t know who the kid on the cover is. That might sound strange, but we don’t have much say in what goes on the cover. We like him though. He looks like a nice guy.

4. Yes, we can speak at your school. We do it for free, and bring an autograph, a theramin and some other weird toys. We can either do a sound demonstration or teach science fiction writing to the class. Contact us again with your email.

5. The answer is two weeks. Yes, two weeks is the answer.